The Story of our barbershop



The day was October 7, 1939, when Alexakis Ioannis was born in the Community of Kastelli, who is the starting point of our Barber Shop and the reason for our existence.

Only at the age of 20, and in an extremely difficult period, post-war, for Greece, Alexakis Ioannis, graduating from the Royal School of Leros with a specialty “Barber”, decides to return at his hometown and starts to practice barbering while working other jobs such as coffee maker and breeder in order to cope with his family responsibilities.

In 1970, he decided to move permanently in Chania, and got a job at the side of a well-known barber of the local community at the time, Hamourikos Konstantinos, with whom he would work for the next 30 years.

On January 3, 1979, almost a year after his marriage to Ioanna, the first child of Alexakis Ioannis was born, Ioannis, who is expected to follow his father’s steps.

Just after a couple years, on March 21, 1981, his second son, Manolis, is born. He would later take his place in the Barbershop, and he would combine modern and traditional technics.

Hamourikos resigns from active duty and retires. Alexis Ioannis becomes in charge of the barbershop with his eldest son Ioannis who begins his career as a professional barber, both having as a companion in their endeavor their colleague Pitsitaki which continues to this day.

A milestone year, as Alexakis Ioannis is now retiring and his place is taken by the youngest son Manolis, who will be the new blood of the barbershop, now also active as a professional Barber.

The barbershop adopts as a logo, the portrait of Alexakis Ioannis, valuing a tribute to his face for his contribution to the development and quality of Koureio, boasting to this day that his sons have taken over the evolution of Alexakis’ Barbershop.